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What do they mean by bank 1 or 2 for Boxer engines?

Up to wich time do you send each day?
How fast can I have my order?


What do they mean by bank 1 or 2 for Boxer engines ?

Bank 1(cyl 1-3)for a 911 is driver side(left hand drive!) en 2(cyl4-6) ais passenger side


Pay attention: Boxster engines are turned around 180 degrees 
So thereforebank 2 is dan left side of the car en bank 2 right side. 


When do I have to order for same day shipping?

From monday to friday we can ship same day if you order before 14:00 .

How fast do I receive my shipment?

Within the Netherlands the next day.
Outside the Netherlands it takes 2-5 days depending on the Country .
Friday shipments will be no urlier than Monday.

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